indierockpersuasion & I are very cute c:

hella unwashed hair but I was surrounded by so many cute animals yesterday and one was this tiny six-week-old husky puppy ;~; 💕
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posted this on insta but whatever, I just met cacie dalager ❤️_____❤️ I was such an awkward panda but she was the sweetest.

my fat orange cat loves me (✿◡‿◡)

this looks astonishingly like my last sidebar but heywhatever
all healed! 
my lovey little lyra and her daemon pantalaimon

not only is she the main character of the greatest set of books I’ve ever read, she’s also a symbol of courage, strength, resilience, imagination, light, and adventure (and also for being a total badass). I’m so happy to wear her on my sleeve, my little lionheart

can’t wait to have tater doodle more hdm-related art all over my arm
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my lyra and pan tattoo from his dark materials by phillip pullman.
it’s hard to put into words how I feel about these books. they changed my life. lyra’s lionheart beats in my chest. she gives me courage when I feel small against the world. Will and her taught me about love. Iorek showed me strength when I thought I had none. Roger and Lee Scorsby showed me how to be a true and honest friend. Through these books, I have been shown the deep passion and beauty that is found in nature, science, and the imagination. And that doesn’t even begin to cover it.
I, as many others who have read the books, felt the movie was a terrible representation of the book but I did like the girl who played lyra. I asked the artist to take the original photo of her, but to make her hair more wild and crazy. That’s how I imagine her: small, fearless, and a bit ruthless. He’ll add more to the hair the next time I’m in to see him. I wanted a realistic portrait of her, and since there weren’t any others besides the movie’s character, I decided to go with her. I chose a picture of an ermine off the internet who looked most like the pantaliamon I’ve always seen in my head. I was thinking white, but kegan did a great job adding in grey and rustic colors.
I couldn’t of asked for a better tattoo done by any other artist. It’s perfect. Next steps are her hands holding the alethiometer, Iorek roaring in his sky-metal armor, and an arctic background scene of the aurora.
this was done by Kegan Hawkins, an (amazing) Australian artist, at the Mesa Tattoo Expo in az. his instagram is @tater_tatts and I highly recommend you check it out